The Company was formed on the promise that people have environmental rights, these rights include entitlement to an environment inclusive of cultural interest that is not harmful to the health or well being of people as well as a claim to environmental protection for the benefit of present and future generation. Everyone has the responsibility to prevent environmental degradation to provide leadership in environmental sustainable development has been a buzz word in the environment consulting field for years. Meeting the triple bottom line of sustainable development (i.e. Environment, Social and Economic issues one becoming increasely important. Generally the biophysical and economic issue with social issues is being neglected.


We are project driven and service oriented company capable of undertaking projects related to environmental management in order to achieve sustainable development through Proficient service provision. As an environmental consulting company we provide expert to both public and private section organization, with the aim of ensuring environmental sound practise for a healthy environment, which sustains people and nature, provide protection for our unique recourses and results in an enhanced quality of life for all.



The objectives of the company are to: Provide Environmental and social solutions to our clients in order to promote sustainable development.  Continuously train and develop professionals in our specialized field. Encourage innovation in knowledge and practice. Provide occupation health and safety services and to, ensures that health and safety of the laboures are prioritized.


We believe our first responsibility is to the company, clients and employees that took part in our business. In meeting our customers’ needs, everything we do will be ethical and of unquestionable quality. We will constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to offer services of the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Customers, defined as corporate clients, will be attended to in a prompt, efficient and empathetic manner at all times. The company’s business stakeholders will have their dignity respected at all times. The company is striving to become an innovative, creative, consulting organization and therefore the stakeholders will always feel free to make suggestions and to offer constructive criticism.

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